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Color Mixing Activity Set

This outstanding  activity set gives children hands-on experience using the three primary colors to create secondary colors.

Large white plastic tray, 3 clear glass bottles with eye droppers, 3 small glass bowls, and 1 large glass bowl.

Food coloring not included.
An enjoyable hands-on activity involves utilizing the three fundamental colors to produce secondary colors.


Pre-fill bottles with solutions of red, blue, and yellow food coloring mixed with water. Children can drop one dropperful of red and one dropperful of yellow into a small bowl, witnessing the magical creation of orange. Repeat the process with blue and yellow to form green, and with red and blue to yield violet.

Once done, all the bowls can be emptied into a larger bowl, which is then drained into the sink.

Later on, children can engage in experimentation by mixing colors using this set.

Ages 3+

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