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Flags of the World.

The Montessori Flags of the World Set includes:
36 flags, representing 7 continents; and 2 wooden trays (12 x 10 x 2 inches).
Each flag (5.5 x 4 inches) is equipped with a wooden flagpole (12 inches) and an individual beechwood base.
Quality ink on knitted polyester makes the flags bright and clear from both sides.
•    North America: USA, Canada, Mexico, Greenland.
•    South America: Brazil, Argentina.
•    Europe: Sweden, Germany, Turkey, France, Italy, Poland, Ireland, Spain, United Kingdom, Russia (Europe and Asia).
•    Africa: South Africa, Algeria, Nigeria, Sudan, Kenya, Congo, Egypt (Africa and Asia).
•    Asia: Japan, China, South Korea, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, India, Mongolia, Indonesia.
•    Australia: Australia, New Zealand.
•    Antarctica (unofficial flag).

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