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Juggling Scarves – Set of 6

Made from durable nylon, this set includes 6 scarves in primary and secondary colors.
Each scarf measures 68 x 68 cm (27" x 27").

Engaging in scarf play offers young children an excellent opportunity to acquire various developmental skills through activities such as swishing, floating, waving, and tossing scarves. Playing with scarves is a very fun sensory activity!

There are many benefits to playing with scarves:
•    Enhance sensory-motor skills - explore texture, looking at the bright colors, tracking the movement of the scarf with the eyes.
•    Develops fine motor skills - throwing the scarf back and forth, grasping the scarf.
•    Encourages self-regulation skills.
•    Builds focus, concentration and patience.
•    Encourages gross motor skills - dancing and movement.
•    Develops the sensory-motor systems as children move the scarves in all different directions.

For children ages 3+

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